Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bitter-Sweet Moving

Well, it was with great sadness that we left our "House of Dreams"(as Anne of Green Gables would say)and our dear desert city and moved up North for a new job opportunity. Finding a place to rent was a mammoth task in itself that required several 9 hour trips through moose-infested highways and sleeping in the car in the creepiest rest stops I thought only horror films could conjure up. (Hush Lake? Really?! Can it get any creepier?) With almost nothing available, we were forced to settle for a smokey apartment in one of the roughest areas of town, just days before we moved all our gear up. Gulp. An apartment means no garden and no chickens and no kittens and no woodworking and... this list could go on forever. I'm just not cut out for apartment living. But I swallow all of my anguish with the hope that this apartment is only a temporary situation and try to look on the bright side of things. I have a freezer that has a separate door than the fridge that I don't have to manually defrost every 5 minutes. Our living space has increased by 100 sq feet. And we have great views of the sunset over the lake. So the place will do for now.
Fort St. James is a beautiful settlement. Founded by Simon Fraser in 1806, it served as a major fur trading fort. It is the end of the road and fairly secluded. The wilderness is vast and the lake is so massive, it has a feel of the sea about it, with the freshwater shells decorating the shore. Right now, the mornings are crisp with the smell of smoke in the air from the woodburning fireplaces and the ever-increasing gold freckling the Aspen trees lessens the blow that summer is over. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

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