Monday, October 4, 2010


Sooooo, I am now a volunteer at the Humane Society here in FSJ. I've been cleaning litter boxes and cuddling kitties at the shelter once a week. Do I ever miss cats! When we first moved into our little house in Kamloops, we started fostering cats through the SPCA. The first little guy (actually, not so little!) would hide under the bed all day and only come out at night. I would wake up to find him sleeping on my chest and crushing the air out of my lungs! After taking care of sick adult cats for awhile, I got my first litter of kittens to take care of. I fell in love. How could you not?

In hindsight, our house might have been a little too small for 5 kittens and an adult cat.
Oh well, I can hardly wait until we have a house here so I can foster again!

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