Monday, October 4, 2010

The Medieval Movie

In elementary school, my closest friends and I started a theatre company called "Suite Theatre." We wrote, acted, and directed our own plays (always based on twin sisters and mystery) to a captive audience consisting of our families (whom we charged money to watch). These plays eventually gave way to technology, and soon we were in the movie making business. And we had a new theme to our movies, the Middle Ages. I think our love for all-things-medieval spurred from the movie "A Kid in King Arthur's Court."
We soon got to work on writing a script and scouting locations. Actually, I am impressed with the skills that we needed to make our movie. We learned to sew costumes, make props, paint back drops. We set up rehearsal schedules, we directed, acted, filmed. We manipulated and coerced some boys to act in our film. So much work went into this movie.....and we never finished it. We came close though.
At risk of embarrassing myself and my friends involved in this elaborate production, I am posting a clip that contains some of the scenes (in no particular order) of this would-be blockbuster. The music and sound effects were added later (We didn't have access to any fancy editing equipment then and my editing skills are not so good even now).
So, as we would introduce every suite theatre performance: Sit back, relax, and.....GET READY!

p.s. We never did come up with a title for the movie. Did we?
p.p.s. all the nuns were evil in this movie. Why? I have no idea.
p.p.p.s. we are all a lot younger than we look in this movie.

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  1. Oh my kris. Would like to see it in order thought. ha ha. I knew I was asking the right person to take part in the local Fort St. James community theatre.


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