Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mt. Pope

It's been awhile since we have done a Saturday hike and Mt. Pope is a bit ambitious of a hike to get back in the game with. It's 12.6km of trail to the summit and back, and while it is not as steep as many other hikes we have done, I am feeling pretty exhausted and sore at the end. I blame this partly on Jillian's 30-Day Shred (which I am attempting to do and leaves me sore but powerful-feeling every day) and partly on the fact that I am a leeettle out of shape. Just a bit.
Anyways, after a few hours we made it to the top to take in the stunning view.... oh, it was too cloudy to see much. But the clouds had a neat effect. It looked like the view from an airplane window (if you're lucky enough not to sit by the wing which seems to be my fate more often than not).
Here are the photos. Enjoy. (p.s. Click on some of the cloud pictures to get a larger view. They are more spectacular up close!)

D at the summit in the flying Gazebo!

I think we really are on top of the world!First of all, I am exhausted in this picture. Second of all, there is snow on the ground. Bleh.

Notice the can of bear spray strapped to my hip in these pictures. I never had to use it. And it gave me a sense of security. I think I only shrieked once when a bird startled me. (More heart attacks for D).Beautiful forest. It really looked silvery-green in life.


  1. It looks beautiful! Is your tongue sticking out in the fourth picture?


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