Thursday, October 7, 2010


A few weeks ago, I was standing in the kitchen, when D pointed out that I had a bug on my shirt. Looking down, I flung off the offending critter in a moment of panic. As it flew through the air, I was immediately filled with regret and remorse as I recognized it was Quintus....
You may be wondering who Quintus is. Well, he is our five legged spider. When we first moved into this apartment, I noticed a spider on the glass door. Normally, spiders get shooed outside in a respectful manner (or caught in a jar if they are particularly big and hideous to scare a friend at a later date). However, on closer inspection of this little guy, I noticed that he only had five legs. Awwwwwww! For some reason this sparked some pity in my soul for this little guy. I thought: he must have had a hard life and now he deserves all the comforts he can get. (I told this to a freind today and she thinks that I need to get a real pet). Anyways, from that day onward, I have noticed Quintus in different parts of the apartment, doin' his own thing, like a good little spider and I respect his space, until he got too close to me. Now back to the story.
...Quintus landed on the stove and fell through the element, and down into the nowhere land between the oven and the stove. You know, that area that only gets cleaned out once a year (if it's lucky) or when we leave a place (whichever comes first). Well, I was beside myself and ran to get my headlamp, to make sure I could get Quintus out before something tragic happened, like cooking spaghetti. Well, luckily our little hero managed to escape that wasteland and I spotted him a few days later on the book shelf.
And now dear friends, it has been several weeks since I last saw Quintus and I am worried. It's just not like him to go so long between visits. Has he found another family that he likes better? Has he met some horrible death under our feet? I am torn with anxiety over him. Poor little guy, he's not ready for the real world, he's only got five legs. gulp.

Ok, I guess I really need a kitten or something.


  1. Oh, Quintus! I hope he is okay.

  2. Hmmm. With 5 legs does that mean he only moves at five eighths the speed of other spiders, or, would he run around in circles, not having an even number of legs on each side?

  3. .....or all five legs are on the same side....???

  4. .....or all five legs are on the same side....???

  5. Haha, no, no, 3 on one side and two on the other.


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