Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Series of Unfortunate Winter Events

Well, our brief spring-like thaw (2days), has ended in some snow and wind and very cold temperatures. And what better weather for a walk! At least that's what D thinks. I have to agree, it is kinda fun to walk in blowing snow, you can pretend that you are lost in the Antarctic. And it makes a warm cup of peppermint tea that much more appealing (if you can feel your fingers to make hot water).
Well all that snow last night made our car look like a jalopy for Bonhomme. And when I tried to open the driver's door this afternoon, it was frozen shut. Not something I'm used to. So I pulled hard to open it... and I broke the stupid handle off. And then I broke the stupid scraper trying to get the stupid ice off my car. Great. So now, I have to slide my marshmallow-coated physique through the passenger side door over to the driver's seat with furry boots in the air and a scarf getting caught on the e-break. It's a dramatic process and I am frequently slamming my coat in the door, which adds to the comedy of the scene (especially when I don't realize I have done it yet).
But, all in all, Winter is tolerable and I haven't fallen down yet, or slid out of control with my car and here's hoping that neither of those things happen. And the snow really does make the town look quite romantic.

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