Thursday, November 11, 2010

Staying Sane This Winter

During a long walk during a light snowfall this afternoon, it dawned on me - We've already had more days of snow this November than I had the entire winter living in Kamloops last year. Gulp. It's going to be a really long haul, with some of the locals predicting temperatures to drop below -50 degrees celsius. So, in order to get through this long winter, I have decided to list some of the things that are going to keep me sane this winter (and I might even enjoy myself too!).
Hot chocolate. Warm quilts. Books of the "Anne" persuasion. Knitting. Old movies. Peppermint tea with a hint of honey. Playing Christmas carols on my guitar. Decking the halls with boughs of holly. (Falala la la, la la la la). Skating. Playing shinny hockey. Skiing on the frozen lake. Winter walks in the woods. Scarves and toques and mittens. Cozy slippers. A trip to Mexico!!! Cutting down a Christmas tree. Decorating the home for Christmas. House shopping. All sorts of crafting. CBC radio listening. Baking (especially mint chocolate brownie cupcakes with mint icing). Bubble baths. Snow men and angels. The possibility of a snow storm and being snowed in for a day or two! Sledding. Snuggling. Garden and chicken coop planning. And the hope of Spring!
What gets you through the winter?


  1. I love these pictures, Kris! I wish our winter would be just as snowy and chilly!

  2. It will be an adventure for sure. Don't forget cross country skiing. Hopefully, you will include us in some of these activities this winter. We plan on spending most days at the outdoor skating oval - while everyone else is in school. You are also involved in the local theatre that is keeping you quite busy and being a mentor for my children. You are one occupied lady. It will be over before you know it. I love every season and the reason for each season. The winter is definitely for hibrenating, slowing down and doing crafty things. Go with the flow is what I like to do. I hope you enjoy every aspect of winter here in the Fort.

  3. Sounds like a good plan, Stan! Love your decor!

  4. I like those mittens! I think you should make me a pair :)

    And the hope of spring is what gets me through the winter.

  5. I'm actually selling them right now on my etsy sight:


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