Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birch Theatre

I made my first trip out to our local movie theatre tonight to watch part 1 of the final Harry Potter movies. It was my first time going to a theatre in a small town and the experience was very enjoyable. The screen and speakers might be a little smaller than other theatres, and they only show one movie at a time for one week-intervals, but I'd say the experience is better than an over-crowded theatre in the city.
We ordered popcorn (which is something we never do, partly because it usually costs ten dollars a bag) and they had real butter melting in a crockpot to pour over it. And when we sat down in the theatre, it didn't feel like we were squished in an airplane - we had tons of legroom. And, as D commented, it was nice to know a lot of the people in the theatre, instead of being in a room full of strangers. It was personal and comfortable. And one of the best parts is that it is right by our apartment, so we could easily walk home after the film. And what a great film!
There is a lot of charm to living in a small town and I am looking forward to experiencing it all. Tomorrow we are going to the woods by our apartment to cut down a Christmas tree. I am going to chronicle it.
P.S I have been laughing really hard about this video for the past week. My sister posted it on her blog. Check it out.
(If that link doesn't work, go here)

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  1. That sounds so nice! Crazy that the butter was just melting in the crock pot!


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