Saturday, December 11, 2010

Historical Christmas

What's better than a National Historic Site right in your own community? A National Historic Site at Christmas in your community!! The Fort was all decked out with Christmas greenery. There were hay rides, hot chocolate, gingerbread cookies, homemade ice cream (!!), bon fires, a children's Nativity production, and chickens!!! (Okay, the chickens were locked away warm and safe in their coup and I got called a peeping Tom for spying on them through their window.)
Before we went to the Fort, we took a little walk through the woods and then I attempted to slide down a hill, but it really wasn't steep enough. I've been carrying a garbage bag around in my jacket pocket for just this purpose. It's already come in handy several times.
Posing. The forest is beautiful in the snow though! I was following animal tracks. It appears as though a wolf was chasing a rabbit all through that area. I think the rabbit must have gotten away.
D captured a near-wipeout on camera.
My trusty sled that I carry with me always. It's got a few holes in it now.
The frozen lake. It really looks dark here, but I assure you, it seemed much lighter in real life.
Hay rides!

It was my first tractor pulled hayride. Usually I have been on horse-drawn hayrides. :)
A beautiful horse. Erin, any idea what kind it is?
Frosty windows concealing chickens, old buildings, and rose hips. These are a few of my favourite things.
Chickens keeping warm in their cozy little coop.
Hunkered down for winter! That door leads to the chicken coop. When the house was built over a hundred years ago, they didn't have electricity to heat the coop, so they built it right next to the kitchen, which was always toasty warm. That kept the chickens from freezing all winter. Unfortunately, since they didn't have any electric lights, they didn't lay eggs all winter.
I'm a bit of a poser.
Wouldn't you love to live here? I would!
Cozy window shot.
Smile like you mean it! He looks so worried about something!
Ice cream preparation! -10 degrees celsius is a little cold to eat ice cream, but the line-up was a mile long for it! Go figure!
On the hay ride. The tractor kept stalling and we just drove around in circles in a small space, but it was fun anyways. The tractor that pulled us is 70 years old and been in the same family the whole time.


  1. Cool! It seems like Fort St. James has more to offer than I thought :) Did I tell you that Tanya is coming up to work at the mine there? She'll arrive tomorrow.

  2. How long will she be up there for? Does she have a good place to stay?


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