Wednesday, December 8, 2010

O Tannenbaum

We got our Christmas tree last night. Cut it down in the woods and dressed it up in our cozy apartment while listening to Christmas carols from the 1940s. And we finished the evening off with a viewing of Home Alone.A good friend got me this foldable saw for Christmas one year and I use it every year to cut down the tree. She sure knows what kind of gift to get me!
Umm, D? I think you've got something on your coat. Oh, it's a tree.
Our topsy turvy tree. So, I made this star to put on top of the tree a few years ago, and I accidentally made it huge. So it always makes the tree lean over. But we love it anyways.

Some of the vintage glass ornaments I got a few years ago.
Chris Moose! get it?
Effeminate Santa's wash hanging on the line.

Do you have any fun traditions around getting your Christmas tree? At my parents' house, we have a corn husk doll that we hide somewhere inside the tree and the others have to find it. When I can grow corn again, I am going to make my own corn husk doll. Also, every year, we got my Dad to set up the tree and put on the lights, and then he sat back as the rest of us decorated. And then we battled him to get tinsel on the tree, which led to the making of a fantastic movie called "Nightmare on Tinsel St."

P.S. In grade 11 German, we learned the lyrics to O Tannenbaum and I tormented family members by singing it constantly in my most annoying German accent.


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