Friday, December 10, 2010


Already, I bet the title of this blog is filling the eyes of certain family members with tears. For they have become part of the sob-fest that Sparky is responsible for.
About 3 years ago, I was watching a program on tv and recorded it on a VCR (yes, a VCR. One child I worked with described VHS tapes as square dvds). About halfway through the show, comes a segment about Sparky, the Chimpanzee. (Think Christian the Lion but with a sadder ending.) Talk about blubbering! Anyways, I was soon recommending it to my female family members and I couldn't even tell the story without crying. (I watched it again tonight, as I recorded it onto my computer. I bawled.)
So, now I want to share the tears and sorrow with you. Generous, I know. Watch it with tissues and let me know if you cried. (It's about 7 min. long). Click here. Right here.
Ok, with all that build up, you probably didn't even get misty eyed.

Rest now, Sparky.

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