Wednesday, January 12, 2011


...It's cold out there! -20c with snow and a fierce wind. I think I'll stay inside today. Maybe I'll read more of the "Little House" books I got for Christmas. My mom used to read them to us at night when we were kids and now I have whole new appreciation for them. There is so much detail about all their homesteading activities.
But no wonder I am the way I am! I love all old things and my childhood is primarily responsible for this, not just from the stories my mom read us. Heritage parks played a huge role in my childhood too. Yearly visits to Burnaby Heritage Village on Victoria Day were responsible for my love of Blacksmiths (I'd hang around for ages, waiting for them to make me a nail or a horseshoe). Trips to Barkerville (BC gold rush ghost town where I dressed up in costume) and Calgary Heritage Park (I got to go again this summer with my nephew!) just furthered my love of all things old fashioned. I had "Olden Day" themed birthday parties and dressed in old dresses for Halloween. My mom sewed us bonnets at some point too.
One summer, I got to work in a heritage house on the Okanagan Lake. I helped do some restoration on the house and worked as a guide and interpreter, dressing up in old fashioned clothing. With no running water (ironic because it was one of the first houses in the valley to have running water!) I had to haul water from the lake to do the chores and clean the house. It was in a fairly secluded location, so visitors were few. Which meant that I spent a lot of time reading all the old books and newspapers in the old parlour, or flopped on the old beds when all the chores were finished. A dream come true, to finally be on the other side of those roped off doorways.
And now I live in one of the oldest (European) settlements in BC and just a 2 min walk from the Fort St. James National Historic Site. This old fur trading fort is fantastic, with large community gardens, chickens, sheep, horses, and a bull as well as all sorts of buildings. There is a place where you can purchase cookies baked in the old wood stove using the eggs of the chickens living on the farm. Maybe I'll try to get a job there in the summer. And I might try to get a community garden plot too. Only 4 more months until it opens again!


  1. I re-read the Little House books not long ago and the amount of detail really surprised me, too. I've been wondering about freeze drying since I read The Long Winter when I was a little girl... you should throw some laundry outside and tell me how it goes.

  2. I think I might try that today. Only with one item though, because I don't have a clothesline in my apartment. I wonder if -25 is warm enough?

  3. That's disappointing.

  4. it must not have been dry enough or cold enough


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