Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dream List

As we get closer to buying a house, I am dreaming of the things I would like to fill it with (key words being like to). My sister and I giddily talked about paint colours and design today. I guess we better slow down and actually buy a house first. Anyways. I wanted to share some of my favourite things.

A lovely old-fashioned screen door from Rona:
The following furniture is made by a local woman and she sells it online too. I already have a bookcase made by her and it is amazing! The Pine Cottage on Facebook is how to find her.
Cute potato bins made by the same lady.
Same lady, cute shelf.
I love this, minus the horse.
These mixing bowls have been used for well over a hundred years. I love the way they look. You can buy them off Amazon.
I miss my claw-foot tub in Kamloops. You can buy this one from Home Depot.
I love all the lighting fixtures at Barn Light Electric. There is a copper one that I especially want, but I can't find a picture.
An Apron sink from Ikea. Beautiful.
I love these two kitchens that were posted on the blog Twice Remembered.

And finally, a human powered lawnmower from Home Depot.

I also plan on having wainscotting and wide, old-fashioned baseboards.

But one step at a time. Buy a house first! Haha.


  1. I miss my claw foot bath tub too... I couldn't have gone through my pregnancies without it to be honest - so essential really. Pushmowers are awesome tools too.

  2. Those bathtubs are the best! I have no idea why they switched to these new-fangled ones. This pushmower is especially cool because you don't have to push very hard. It is pretty fancy.

  3. Hi Kris love your blog too! I have read 'The Red House Mystery ' by AA Milne (winnie the Pooh fame) but did not know of this other book... the quest is on!!! jennyx


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