Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crafting! What to do with prunings and twigs

Spring is a time to prune those fruit trees and get your garden in order. When my mom and dad visited my old house last year, I requested they bring some prunings with them, as I had a few projects in mind. I'll share some of them now.

Twiggy Mirror

I took an older mirror, removed the frame and then, using my scroll saw, cut a wider oval out of some scrap plywood (building sites are great places to get scrap wood and other materials. They just take it to the dump, so if you ask them nicely, they'll usually let you go through their discard pile. They like to see it being used, rather than going to the dump.) I mounted the mirror to the plywood, using the same metal tabs and screws that held it to the old frame. Next, I took my prunings and one by one, I bent and twisted them around the plywood edge, using a staple gun and small nails to hold the branches in place. I used the original wire from the mirror frame and attached it onto the back, to hang on the wall. I spent $0 on this project, as I was able to scavenge all the materials that I didn't already have lying around. I think the finished product looks great!
Rustic Curtains

For this project, I bought a white sheet from a second hand store and sewed it into curtains. Next, I found a thick branch and cut off 1/2" sections, and drilled two holes in the middle to make buttons. I sewed these onto the curtains for decoration. Finally, I took two long prunings and hung them on the wall using a couple of hooks that I got from the hardware store. The curtains were perfect to hide the shelves in my old bathroom. I probably spent around $7 on this project for the sheet and the hooks.

Branch Handles

For this project, I cut a long, thick length of brach to be the main handle and I cut two, skinnier and shorter pieces to attach to it. On the back side of the thicker branch, I drilled two wide holes about halfway through (spaced apart to match the holes on the cabinet). On one end of each of the skinnier pieces, I used a knife to carve off the bark and make the width skinny enough to fit into the holes I drilled. On the opposite end of the those skinny pieces, I drilled a small hole deep into the stick for the screw to go in later. On the thicker branch, I put some carpentry glue into the drilled holes and then placed each carved end of the skinnier pieces into the holes, allowing them time to dry. Once dry, I drove a small nail through the front of the thicker branch into the skinnier pieces to hold them in place. Next, using a screwdriver, I took the screws from the previous handle and tightened my new handle in place. I repeated that process for the other handle and...Ta da! Once again, this project cost me nothing, as I had all the materials I needed.

So, it's pretty easy to do neat projects on a tight budget and branches and prunings are your best friend! I have a bunch more projects in mind for this Spring that will look nice in our new house. I can hardly wait!

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  1. Very original, you do the most amazing things. I think your benchtops are the same as mine, and love your clawfoot bath.

    Lisa x

  2. Sadly, that is no longer my house. I desperately miss it and the clawfoot tub! But I am looking forward to moving into my new house!

  3. Hello...just found your blog. Love the twiggy style of the mirror etc.. I will look forward to more posts


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