Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen Design

I want to share some of my plans for my new kitchen. There are some changes I want to make that hopefully won't cost a lot of money, but will make a big difference. First of all, painting. I plan on painting the bottom cupboards a green colour, not sure what yet! Check out some of my inspiration photos below.
Next, I plan on ripping off that ugly backsplash and adding beadboard instead. I'm painting the walls and top cupboards cream, possibly two tone. I am going to make some corbels with my scroll saw and put them under the cupboards. I may leave off a door on either side of the sink to display some of my beautiful pottery.
Since replacing countertops is out of budget right now, I plan on using a fabulous product by Rustoleom. You sand your counters, add two coats of this special paint and your done! I think I'll do them in white. Only problem is that I am having a hard time finding the product in Canada. Gulp.
Also, I'd love a farmhouse sink, but I'll have to stick with what I've got for now.

Oh! And a good find! I love this light by Barn Light Electric, but it is a little costly, $45.99.
But I found the exact same light at a local hardware store for $25.99. Whoo! My Dad is going to wire it in when my parents come visit. I think it will look great in my farmhouse-themed kitchen!

Here is the kitchen, as we saw it last. The owners still have a lot of junk in there. (The light will go above the sink)

Here is the opposite corner. Why are there shoes on the wall?! We'll be moving that cupboard, if it's not already gone. My sister and I came up with a brilliant idea simultaneously: We'll put a skirt around the portable dishwasher and use it as a breakfast table in the little breakfast nook when it is not in use as a dishwasher. (Oh my goodness! A dishwasher! Yesssss!!!!!!!!! I haven't had one of those since I moved out of my parents' house.) Can you picture beadboard wainscotting? I can!
Here is a really rough sketch of my plans. Most of the ideas are my sister's. Unfortunately, I don't have the right pencil colours, but you get the idea.

I love this colour green!
Here are some kitchen inspiration photos:
I love love love this kitchen!
Nice knobs!
If only we could afford butcher-block countertops. sigh.
Ok. This is actually a dollhouse, but I still like it.
Green again.
Stone beam! Cool!
I kinda like this bluey-green colour too.
What do you think? Have you done any kitchen designing lately? What's your style?


  1. Love your kitchen ideas Kris, you have the farmhouse look nailed. Have you read CentsationalGirls blog post about it? She gives loads of details and pictures including drying times etc. You might find it helpful (I think she posted it yesterday). It sounds like awesome gear. Love that light fitting. It's unbelievable the difference in the price. We had our kitchen put in a couple of years ago. It's pretty basic but I love it.

    Lisa x

  2. Congratualtions David and Kristen on your first home purchase. I know that you will do an awesome job of decorating it to fit your character. Love Dee


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