Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Red, Something Blue

We went into the city yesterday to sign papers and buy a washer and dryer. It turned out to be the worst day to do that, as a big snowstorm hit the North. We got rear-ended in the city (no damage and no one was hurt) and there were some scary white-out conditions driving home, along with a moose running along the side of the road (yikes!). But I kind of like the thrill of the storm and we have a big dumping of snow and it is still not over!
While we were in town, I stopped at the VV Boutique and bought a red gingham table cloth, just like in the Little House on the Prairie books. Ma always had a red gingham tablecloth and she gave one to Laura when she got married too. And I also bought an old blue canning jar with a zinc lid (that doesn't belong to the jar, but it looks great anyway). I just love it. And someday soon they can reside in my new house, which has a "sold" sign on it now.

p.s. Last night I dreamed that I was back in grade 7 and I was trying desperately to keep up with the class, but they were doing advanced mathematics and I don't even know my times tables. Oh, and my teacher was Jennifer Garner.


  1. Love your table cloth and jar. I always have those dreams. Usually I'm late for class and can't find my way there. I think Jennifer Garner would be a pretty cool teacher.

    Lisa x

  2. She was cool, but strict. She told me if I couldn't handle the class after one hour, I should drop out. Haha.


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