Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Count Your Chickens...

Before you actually even get any! But I think we finally found someone who can get us a few chicks. She has her own flock and if one of her hens decides to set, we are promised some chicks.
I was originally going to order some through the Co-op as they assured me I could get small orders. But alas, when I went in to see them, they said a minimum order of 25 chicks is required. Too many, for a small backyard flock of 2 or 3! But now that that problem is solved, I can keep going with my coop designs!

This picture is a rough design of what I am hoping to build with my Dad when my parents come up.

In other news, I painted a picture of a chicken for my new kitchen. I looked on google image search for pictures of Buff Orpington pictures and found a few cute ones! I think this picture captures some real chickeness.

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