Saturday, March 5, 2011

Living Room and Laundry Room Design

Allll, right. Onto Living Room design! Well, our living room is painted some interesting colours! It's funny how much people can differ in their taste, but that's what makes us unique, right? Take our fireplace for instance. I would never paint it red, let alone the red it is painted now!

Kinda gruesome.
I actually really like the colour on that door. It goes out to a balcony.

And this is looking into the room.

These are the colours I want to paint the room: Rainwater by Martha Stewart on the top.
And Talc by Martha Stewart on the wainscoting and trim.
Here are some rough sketches of what i want the room to look like.
If you haven't guessed by now, I really love beadboard.

Remember my ideas to refinish my couch? I like this idea. Using a patterned material for the cushions that is different than the rest of the sofa!
I also really love what these people did to this chair! They bought shower curtains to reupholster with. I love gingham.
Inspirational photo. Sorry, I don't remember where I got any of these.
Ok, this is the Laundry Room now: We got a new washer and dryer, as these are going with the owners. The laundry room is between the suite and the coat room with its own separate doors. The furnace, etc. is also in this room.

Here is my plan for it:
I'll leave it grey, but take down that wall paper border. I'll make a shelf to add to it, as well as a peg board. If I have left-over beadboard, I'll put it on the walls too. Sadly, the laundry room will be the last priority, as the other living spaces take precedence.


  1. i love those colors! and your sketches are inspiring, can't wait to see your finished room

  2. All your ideas are great !Im gonna be rootin for you as you make the place your own.


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