Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moved In...

...But not unpacked. Not fully, anyway. But maybe 3/4 done. I am stalling on some of it until my parents come next week and help me paint. Whew, moving is exhausting, so I haven't posted here in awhile. Sorry! But welcome to my new followers!
After we finished moving all our stuff in (and cleaning too, because it was really messy here!) I got to work right away on making my renos. I started sanding down the mantel that was painted black, to reveal the natural wood underneath. I'll stain it a bit darker when I'm done painting. I also got right to work pulling down the ugly trellis and wallpaper border in what we have dubbed "the ugly room." It's now ready for some painting. We figure someone was watching a design show and saw some things on it and decided to put it all in one room

The ugly room in all its glory (before they moved their stuff out).
Yes, this is actually part if the same room. You may be looking at these pictures and scratching your head. I was too.

This is when we found out we were getting the keys to the house a day early. Yay!
Getting to work on the first day, sanding down the mantel to bare wood again.
The doll house they left behind....

Do you ever feel like you have memory loss problems when you are unpacking? I do. I start unloading something, get sidetracked to another room, which leads to unpacking something in another room, which eventually leads you back to the first room where you see your origainal project and the cycle starts again. Eventually it all gets done though.

Well, I am pretty busy for the rest of the week, so I won't be posting much, but I will hopefully be back again next week with some (hopefully) amazing before and after transformations. Stay tuned!


  1. There's no accounting for creative ability, or lack thereof that some possess. It's going to look great when you're done with it. That memory loss you speak of is with me on a regular basis - cleaning my home, out in the garden, reorganizing a space.


  2. Good Luck with the unpacking and reno! I love that fireplace- I cant wait to see the after pictures!


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