Thursday, March 17, 2011


Some of you who are facebook friends have already seen most of these, so just disregard. I like to take pictures of doors, so I thought I would share them. I took these on our different travels and explorations. Enjoy!
(india. well this one is more like a window.)
(ireland. happy st. patricks day!)
(new york)
(haha, portugal again)
(ok, portugal had some pretty cool doors. this one dates from the 1300s)
We've had some pretty good adventures on our travels, some scary ones too, including me tackling a guy who stole my backpack on a train, getting involved in a gem smuggling scandal, being stranded 50ft in the air in a subway train, numerous earthquakes (one of them 8.3 in Colima, Mexico), passing out in monsoon-flooded Kolkata, and witnessing volcano eruptions and a hurricane. Maybe I'm disaster prone, but it sure makes for good stories!
What are some of your travel stories?


  1. The Indian and Portugese are favs. I like the Moroccanesque (so not a word!) look.

    Lisa x

  2. Wow! I want to visit Portugal! love, Beth

  3. Portugal is pretty amazing! I highly recommend it. It hasn't been invaded with as many multi-national corporations like other countries inEurope because it was closed off for so many years, so a lot of the old traditions prevail


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