Friday, April 8, 2011

Another update

We are beyond tired now. But closer to the end. We only have a bit of beadboard left to put up in the living room, and then we'll tackle the kitchen. It is looking really beautiful. I can hardly wait until the kitchen cupboards are all up. My mom started putting some up yesterday, but they were chipping, so we'll put them up today.

Now for some "before" pictures to remind you of what it used to look like in here.
The kitchen as it was.

A shot of the living room looking into the dining room.
Fireplace before.
Arches before.

And now for some "During" pictures.

Our kitchen, still in disarray. A couple cupboards are up. The backsplash is ripped off (soon to be replaced with beadboard). The green cupboards almost make the countertops look good. I think we are still going to paint them though!
Beadboard on the other side of the fireplace now. The stuff on the right has been painted.

The archways in our living room. (Sorry about the poor lighting. The camera batteries were nearly dead.)
Ooooh! Do you know what is under this tarp? All will be revealed in a couple of days!

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1 comment:

  1. It's looking awesome! I love the colors you looks like a brand new place! The fireplace looks like something out of Marth Stewarts Living mag! Well done! Cant wait to see more-


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