Saturday, April 23, 2011

Binche and Tachie

So we took our Saturday drive out to the reserves about an hour from town. Fort St. James (as small as it seems to us, coming from Kamloops) is sort of the main centre for many of the outlying communities and reserves. There is only one store out that way, and it is about the size of our kitchen, maybe a little smaller. As we drove out that way, it was clear to see how beautiful the land is here.

When we stopped the car and got out at Binche, the silence was the first thing I noticed. So quiet and still, no sound of traffic anywhere. This is by a church at the end of one road. Notice the Canada goose flying across the snow in this picture. Our footsteps broke the silence and startled it away.Some fishing nets hang on a wall outside the old church.
Snow capped mountains in the distance, across the still frozen lake.
Geese swimming where the creek meets the frozen lake.
The water tower in Binche with a boil water advisory sign. Many reserves in Canada have had a notoriously difficult time getting clean drinking water.
An old graveyard on the hill by the church in Binche.
Boat in Binche.
A cross on the door of the church in Binche.
In Tachie, some dogs came up to us to say hello. This one had ghostly blue eyes.
Another old church in Tachie.


  1. Sara McDougall WestnedgeApril 23, 2011 at 2:45 PM


    I love that picture of the cross on the door of the church in Binche. I feel like it would be really beautiful printed on canvas or framed. It's really beautiful and earthy

  2. That's some beautiful photography. My favourite is the boat. That's dogs eyes are freaky.


  3. Sara- It would look good on a canvas. Too bad it is only 3megapixels so I can't blow it up that big.
    Lisa: Thanks! The boat was very cool. And that dog! I wonder if he is a husky cross?


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