Monday, April 4, 2011

Painting! and Making my House a Home

My wonderful parents have come up for the week and are helping me paint my new house! Already the changes look fabulous! They are such great parents!

We'll start with a Value Village find. A beautiful milk glass lamp. I wish I had bought the other one too!
These are my WONDERFUL parents painting my fireplace. They actually just finished and it looks amazing! I love it! I'm going to stain the wood mantel a very rich colour too. (Sorry about all the orbs, the lens was dirty, either that or the house is very haunted!)
Kitchen in demo. Haha! I ripped off the ugly backsplash. We've already painted two coats of the "upper colour" in the kitchen.
Here's the top colour. "Pip" by Martha Stewart. I like the creaminess of it. Just you wait until you see the whole kitchen makeover!!!!
Paint and beadboard wallpaper = expensive. But worth it!
A chair I got at Value Village, is nice we severely lack chairs in this house.
I actually like the fabric on the chair, but I am also contemplating covering it with this lacy doily. What do you think?
My calendula seems to like its new home. It is finally blooming! (It is closed up for the night though)
This is our bedroom as it is now. eventually we are painting it a light cream with a light green trim.
Another view of our bedroom. It doesn't look too bad, but it is too dark for my tastes.
And that's it! I'll post more pictures of the amazing transformations over the next few days.


  1. Woohoo! We'll have to come and visit =)

    Rose D.

  2. I'm very liking that lace doilie. I had that exact milk glass lamp when I was growing up, on my bedside table. Fancy it making it all the way over there. We will be away middle of next month, but anytime after that will be fine for your parents to drop in and do our place.


  3. I think the transformation is going to look fab, all the hard work will be worth it I'm sure. jennyx

  4. Rose- Yes, you will! Haha.
    Lisa-My parents thought that was pretty funny. They said if you pay the travel fees, they will do it for free. Hahaha. And isn't it a pretty lamp? Love it!
    Jenny-I sure hope it will look good. Last night we held some of the wainscotting up in the kitchen where we are going to be putting it and we giggled with the excitement of it.

  5. I love your color choices! How did your seedlings fare in the move? We just started some and are watching them like anxious parents...I love the lace doily- something so classic and dainty about it- you sure know how to find the good stuff! Cant wait to see more.... : )


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