Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chicken Update

Those chicks sure are growing up fast! Velociraptor looks more and more like a chicken and less like a chick every day. Today, he made his first real chicken sounds, not chick sounds. He is also getting a bit aggressive and he and the Barred Rock are picking fights with each other. This never used to happen. Can't we just all get along and be friends? I might have to put one of them in isolation. "Time out, Velociraptor!" Who wants to bet he is a rooster? Any guesses on the rest of them? Maybe we should make a bet on who is what.

I candled the eggs today and found at least 4 of 7 are fertile and growing. It is a bit early yet, but I wouldn't hold my breath on the other three. See the dark spot just under the line on the egg? That is the growing embryo. It's hard to believe that in just 14 more days that will be a chick hatching out. It happens so quickly!
Here is a picture of velociraptor. He sure is growing, isn't he? He looks like a mini adult. He is also looking very rooster-ish isn't he?
The "little" one is getting more dark feathers now.
The Barred Rock/Brahma. He looks like he has a big nose in this picture. He has the pea comb and feathered legs of a Brahma, and the colours of a Barred Rock. I hope he is a she, because s/he would make a beautiful addition to my flock.
This one is an Isa Brown/Brahma mix. But I mostly see the Brahma in this one. The markings, comb, and feathered legs all look Brahma to me. This one also has a very gentle and cuddly personality.
The littlest one and the Barred Rock roosting together on their new roost.
Velociraptor is a stand-up comedian with a captive audience.

I just went to check on them and Velociraptor and the Barred Rock are snuggled up together sleeping. All must be forgiven. But they'll probably be at it again when they wake up. Oh dear.


  1. Look how they are growing arent you the proud Momma!

  2. They grow so fast, and change so quick. Cuties.



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