Friday, May 20, 2011

First Time Outside

I took the chickens outside for a little field trip this evening. Boy, did they have fun! They were a little apprehensive at first, but soon had fun pecking in the grass and testing out their wings. The Tawny Brahma made a fantastic flight and landed elegantly on top of the box from across the coop. The Barred Rock tried to follow suit, but didn't quite make it, hitting the side of the box instead of landing on top. Hahaha, it was too funny. They froze and looked around every time a hummingbird flew overhead though (the hummingbirds are starting to scare me. They've started a turf war over our feeder. I'm afraid I'll get speared if I go outside!). I don't think chickens ever let their guard down. They are always on red alert.
After a bit of play time, I brought them back inside to their box, which I don't think they were too happy about. But they still don't have all their adult feathers and the nights are still too cold. A few more weeks, guys. I'll bring them out when I work in the yard though. They'll like that.

So, yesterday I bought an orchard! Ok, it is only two fruit trees, but I am as happy as if it were a whole orchard. We are somewhat limited as to what kinds of fruit we can grow up North, but I am pretty happy with what we got. I got a sour cherry (Romeo) that is sweet enough to eat straight from the tree and sour enough to bake with. I also got an apple tree with 6(!) varieties of apple that mature at different times. Whoo hoo! Grafted on this tree is a Rescue AppleCrab, Fall Red Apple, Battleford Apple, Honeycrisp Apple, Heyer#12 Apple, and a September Ruby. Today we bought some raspberry bushes and I got a Lily of the Valley to plant in front. Our yard is going to be beautiful and produce some great food for us!


  1. So cute! I like the first video when they all hear the hummingbird! That is so funny!

  2. They are precious.The chirping is relaxing.


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