Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Fuzzy Beatnik

I finally finished the sweater I started working on in January. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I need to take a little break from knitting now though. Time to focus on chickens and gardening.


  1. Ohhh- I love it! Wow- that's a pretty cable pattern- like a trellis! I love the photo collage too- how did you do that? I think the fairies will love your dandelion chain too- do you have a lot of dandelion? I have always wanted to try and make dandelion wine....

  2. Thanks! I used open office drawing for the collage and saved it as a jpeg. I am not very computer savvy with editing photos, so I find it very challenging! We have so many dandelions here! I have never seen anything like it!!! I'm posting some pictures of them today. At first glance, the field across from my house looks like grass, but when you get up close, 90% of it is dandelion leaves. Yesterday, they came out in full bloom and it is so amazing! I would love to try making dandelion wine, I have a recipe from my mom's godmother from 1915 ( I think she was a mentor to my grandparents). I'm not really sure how to make it though. Have you ever made it before? I've made dandelion syrup and it's pretty good.


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