Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Meet The Chicks

I got our Buff Orpington eggs from the National Historic Site (my favourite place in the world!)today and and got them set up in our incubator.
The eggs all settled in the brooder.
We drew pictures on them to help keep track when we are turning them.
Such a wide range of brown coloured eggs from the same breed!

The chicks are doing really well! The different personalities of the chicks came out when I took them out of their brooder and took individual pictures of them.
The tawny chick wouldn't even leave my hand. It perched there when I brought it back to the brooder too.
The Barred Rock/ Brahma kept making a run for it around the room. Bold little guy. Look at the feathers growing down his legs.
The little one flapped its wings and wandered back and forth across the basket.
Velociraptor chirped quite a bit and pooped a few times.


  1. That is so neat that you are raising your own chickens!! Are some going to be laying hens and others meat birds?


  2. Hey Melisa! Ya, I'm going to keep a couple laying hens and then either sell/giveaway the rest or eat them.

  3. Awww, any more name ideas? so sweet- when do they start laying eggs (is that a stupid question?)and when do the brooding eggs hatch? so exciting

  4. Hmm, no name ideas yet. I think they will start laying eggs around November. Not too sure though. The eggs have 16 days left to incubate. Yay! I can hardly wait!


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