Saturday, May 7, 2011

Proud Owner of Chicks

Yesterday, I had about 10min after getting off work to run home, quickly see the new chicks my husband brought home from work, and then dash of to my second last play performance. The excitement was just about too much! And it is pretty hard to pull yourself away from your first look at your new chicks after only 10 min. Suffice it to say I was just a little late getting to hair and make-up for the show.
Soooo, I have four new chicks. Two lighter coloured ones and two darker ones. The oldest and biggest chick (around 3-4 weeks old) is a Danish Brown Leghorn. We already call it a "he" because he looks like a he. We won't know any of their sexes for at least another month. The other ones are mixes, I believe. Brahma and Iso Brown, and Brahma and something else I don't remember. And I don't know what the lightest coloured one is.
Well the chicks got right to work being chicks in their new home. My husband said one of them promptly sat down in the food and started throwing it around (I need to get some sort of trough for them so they don't sleep in their food!). They eventually quieted down and slept pretty well. I didn't. Must have been too excited.
I have decided not to name them until I know which I will keep and which will be someone's supper. Although I have been unofficially calling the Leghorn Velociraptor.
And now, the years of reading and dreaming about having chickens have finally come true.
Oh, and I borrowed an incubator and am getting some eggs from the National Historic Site on Wednesday. Hehe.

If you are having trouble watching the video here, try on youtube here>


  1. Kris they are so gorgeous. I can watch baby chicks all day. Happy anniversary for the other day too sweets.


  2. Awesome! I love your video- I agree, I could watch them all day too! I love how at the end they are all trying to get in the food dish together! I want chickens......Congrats!


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