Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Has Come to the Fort

I wasn't sure what to expect when I moved up North in terms of weather. Moving 9 hours North of where I used to live made me think that winter would be much more extreme. And sure, there were some cold spells, and Winter seemed to last pretty long (but it did everywhere). All in all though, it was much more mild than the winters I spent in Calgary. And a lot of our temperatures were comparable to where my parents live down South. So we survived. The grass is turning green, the dandelions and crocuses are blooming, and our tulips and daffodils are next. The temperature read 16 degrees celsius by our kitchen window (that's 60 Fahrenheit for all you Americans). I went for a run this morning to soak up all this Spring loveliness.

I have been much occupied this past week. The drama group I am involved with put on our first two performances this weekend. Two down, two to go! I have to say, there were many times where I though we would never actually get it done.

A good friend of mine is moving away from the Fort and I will miss her a lot! She gave me all the plants she couldn't take with her and I assured her that they would have a good home with me. Here is the basil left in my care. I put it in one of my mugs that chipped. I thought it made a nice cute planter for the kitchen windowsill!
And here is my brooder box getting set up for the chicks that I have no idea when I will get! If plan A doesn't work out, I now have a solid plan B, so we will find out this week which plan I will go with!
Enjoy your Spring day!

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