Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunsets and Dandelions in Fort St James

I have always really like dandelions. Just ask my mom. I snuck some into my wedding bouquet to tease her. I think they're gorgeous in all their stages. And they're free! Fields look so beautiful spotted with gold and very whimsical when that gold turns to snowy down. They are also very good for you and the leaves, root, and flower are all edible. People make dandelion wine and syrup among other things and the greens are good in salads. It blows my mind that people spend lots of money buying harsh chemicals to pour all over our ground in order to get rid of them. It is my mission to have people embrace and enjoy dandelions.
Fort St James seems to have an abundance of these lovely wildflowers. I have never seen anything like what they have here. The park across from our house looks like it is grass, but up close, 90% of it is dandelion leaves. Yesterday, the whole field burst out in bloom and it looks gorgeous! I'm going to have to learn how to make dandelion wine!

The park 2 days ago.
The park yesterday. This pictures does not do it justice. It is stunning to behold in real life.
Last night, after a series of rip-snorting thunderstoms, the sky cleared up and the sun came out in time for another beautiful sunset over the lake. I thought I would share some of my pictures of it with you.

Click on this picture to see a larger view. There are birds flying across the sunset.
The stained glass in the old church illuminated with fiery sunset rays.

A memorial to an amazing bush pilot who lived in this town many years ago. Some day I'll share a bit about him.


  1. That field is amazing! I love dandelions too- do you know any good recipes? I know you can use it on cuts and as a dye I think- What a pretty lake- is it close by?

  2. I was looking up bunch of recipes on-line. They look good. I will have to try them. They just mowed down the field the other day, but they are already growing back.
    The lake is Stuart Lake and I live just down the road, about 2 minutes from the lake. I love being so close to the water. It is so essential to feeling good, I think.


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