Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria Day Celebrations

After much anticipation, the Victoria Day celebration at the Historic Park finally came. Our friends from Kamloops came up for the weekend (yay!) and they humoured me by coming along to the park. It was so fun even though the weather was lousy. We enjoyed a free Full Monty breakfast, a tour through the park, some archery, and a Victorian fashion show/contest (I won for the ladies category. Yay!). It was a good time and now I wish I could do it all again. It will be a sad day if I ever get sick of that park...

The winners for the Victorian Fashion Show.
The Hudson's Bay Company flag flying high.
Relaxin with a corn cob pipe on the Victorian Lazy boy.
These chickens are the parents of the eggs in my incubator. Man, I love chickens!
In other news, Velociraptor has started crowing. Not a full crow, so he really sounds like a velociraptor! The other chicks are growing nicely and the Barred Rock/Brahma is a real sweety now, sitting and snuggling down in my hand. They played outside again this afternoon and are learning how to use the ramp into the coop. Velociraptor has mastered it, but I have yet to see the other chicks climb up it. I think by Friday I'll be moving them outside permanently.


  1. I love the Victoria Day celebrations! How cool- so were you in a play or was it a reinactment type thing? They had such pretty dresses (and houses and gardens) I say we bring it all back : )

  2. Well, it was neither. I borrowed the dress from the acting society here, but it was just a party for the community at the Historical Site. There were prizes for best costume.


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