Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Chick Post

The chicks look at pictures of their future selves-Handsome Buff Orpingtons.
Hello, fluffy!


  1. They're growing up so fast!!! Was this very hard to do (raise chix from eggs)? How much time and attention do they need (not to sound neglegent, I am just curious as I would love,love,love to do this!)

  2. It was super easy! They need very little attention once they are hatched. I just make sure they have clean water and food every morning, and every couple of days I change their bedding. As for the incubator, it was all automatic, it turned the eggs, and kept them warm. The only thing I had to do was make sure I put some water in the incubator every couple of days to keep the humidity up. Super easy and so fun and rewarding!


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