Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Chicks at 4 Weeks

They're growing so big and chicken-y now. They run to my hand when I drop it into their box, and a couple of them love getting scratched under the beak and under their eye. They will also jump up into my hand if they get curious about what's going on outside of the box. They're friendly little guys, not so flighty and freaked out like the last set of chicks.
I think they will be outside by next week. I might try and introduce the two flocks to each other tonight, if it is warm enough out there. I'll have certain safety measures in place for the little guys though. Like a box they can hide under if the big ones get mean. And a long stick to push the big ones away if they get aggressive. Have any of you introduced young chicks to a new flock before? Luckily, the young ones outnumber the old ones.
On another note, I'm a little worried about how my hen will handle it when I take the rooster away. The two are inseparable. Hopefully some of the younger chicks can take his place.

1 comment:

  1. So sweet! They grow up so fast- I love their sounds of chirps and coo's so peaceful...


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