Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Reunion

A weekend trip down South to see my parents turned into a whole reunion, as my sisters and their husbands all decided to join in. It was a wonderful weekend and I got to catch up with so many friends.
One evening, my sister picked up a baseball mitt, looked at it and suggested a game of ball. We all jumped up, put on our most authentic baseball clothing, and started an impromptu game at the old school across the field. I think we had just as much fun taking pictures of the game as we did playing it. It poured rain at the end and we were treated to a double rainbow (hee hee).
(These three photos are courtesy of my sister)

We also had fun buying some Koi with Dad for the fantastic pond he is building, went for walks, and shopped. All in all it was a wonderful weekend.
I brought home some wonderful kitchen gear that belonged to my Grandy. I found them in boxes in the castle (yes, we have a castle in the backyard. I won it one year. I'll have to show you some pictures sometime).
This lovely old jar belonged to Grandy, as well as some of the wooden utensils inside.
My Grandy loved mushrooms and collected everything with mushrooms on it. I got a couple of mixing bowls to take home.
A lovely little rooster sits on my bookshelf now.
A couple of weeks ago, I made a corn husk doll. I saved and dried some corn husks and then soaked them in water to make this doll. It's a family tradition to hide a corn husk doll in the Christmas tree, so I am getting a head start and made my own. Also, it is lilac season up North and they smell so delicious. I have them all over the house.
Remember what these guys looked like a few weeks ago?
At just two weeks old, they have so many feathers. Last night at 4am, I heard crying coming from the chick room. I went in to investigate and found that one of them was being adventurous and had jumped out of the box and was sitting on the ground. I scooped the little guy up and put the screen over the box. I was expecting this to happen for awhile now. And was it just my imagination, or did that chick have a more pronounced comb on its head? Uh oh...

My older two chicks are doing well too. And was I imaging things again, or did I hear an attempted crow at 4am? I hope it was my imagination...
Anyway, I didn't get much sleep after that, because a mosquito kept buzzing around my ear and my husband kept snoring. Oh well, that's what naps are for!

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  1. I hope everyone that see's your impomptu reunion and ballgame picks up the phone and calls a loved one to try and rig up their own! The chicks are growing like weeds! Will you breed them if there are some fellas?


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