Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A crowd gathered on the beach at 11pm. Families snuggled in their cars, kids played on the beach, teenagers lingered in the trees, and lovers sat on top of the lighthouse. A dog swam by to collect driftwood from the shallows of the lake. At 11pm, the Western sky was still revealed faint traces of light on this Summer Solstice night. And then, the first fireworks shot into the sky and the crowd "ooohed" and "ahhhed". A little girl snuggled up to her mom at the loud crack of the explosion, but kept her eyes to the sky in awe.

The lights in the sky were reflected on the lake..

The fireworks looked like stars and solar systems.
The crowed cheered and applauded and cars honked their appreciation. The crowd cleared out quickly to take sleepy kids to bed and we enjoyed a walk home in the cool night of the first day of Summer.


  1. Gorgeous photo's Kris. I thought the were stars in the background.


  2. Thanks Lisa! My husband took most of them though, he's the real photographer in the family!

  3. Wow- what a neat thing to have fireworks for the solstice- Thats hard to capture fireworks on film too- good job! Is that the ocean or a lake? It's super pretty there whatever it is- Summer is here!!!!Yay!

  4. Thanks Natasha! My husband took most of the firework photos. It's the lake, we're pretty far from the ocean over here, I think at least 7 hours! But it is a super big lake and it often feels like the ocean.


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