Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Days

Well, it is time to catch up a bit. All this chick business has had me very involved. They are already growing their first wing feathers. Also, I am giving away Velociraptor and one of the older chicks who has become known as "the Dumb Chicken," because she is.
Enough about chickens! (For now.) Awhile back, I went fiddlehead picking with a friend and we got quite a few! I got to try my first delicious fiddleheads!
We've had quite a few rip-snorting thunderstorms. In this picture, a neighbour's power pole was struck by lightning and splintered. It was quite the thrill!
My husband's parents visited us this weekend and it was a good time! We walked along the lake and (of course!) went to the Historic Park.

Walking through a field of dandelions to find the meadow in the trees.
A farewell to Velociraptor.
And the Dumb Chicken, in the foreground.
The women's room, in the Officer's Dwelling in the Historic Park.
The Master bedroom in the same house. Guests can stay here as part of the bed and breakfast at the Fort. I think this quilt is just beautiful!
Gorgeous dandelions at the Historic Park. (Next couple pictures are taken by my Husband's parents)
NoTail, the father of my newest chicks. Why is he called NoTail?
This why! Haha. I wonder if any of my chicks will inherit his "specialness"?
Wildflowers and daffodils.
A beautiful carving on an old gravestone.
Ok, one little chick picture. I can't resist.
And that is it! June has been lovely so far and I love living here. I am busy going to archery twice a week, going to the movies with my friends, and soon hula hooping and beach volleyball. Yay!


  1. Never a dull moment. The chickens are so adorable. I was a bit sad on Monday - one of our dogs got to one of ours and lets just say the rest is history, :-(


  2. I love it at your place!Glad those chickens are bringin you so much happy!

  3. Great Pics! What a neat place you live in with historic homes etc (and chickens, fiddleheads)....and the dandelions- you could sure get a lot of dandelion wine from those- I guess they lay twine down in lines really close together and then (you need a bunch of hands?) pull up the strings from either end and it pops the heads off....there has been some talk about it around here lately and I am really tempted to try it- they say that the dandelions are in some cosmic way related to the lobster catches too- if there is a second bloom , the lobster catches will be larger-


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