Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wild! Flowers

After feeling a little restless this afternoon, I decided to hop on my bike, clip on my basket, and go for a wildflower picking excursion. I was inspired by my blogger friend Natasha and all her lovely pictures of the wildflowers out in New Brunswick. So, with my homemade bug spray thickly applied (witch hazel and citronella essential oil) I set out and found many beautiful species of wildflowers.

My basket full of the bounty. There is something so classic about a basket full of wildflowers, don't you think?
This is Pink Wintergreen. I had never seen it before, but I looked it up in my plant book when I got home.
Fireweed, Yarrow, Buttercups, Bee Balm, Daisies, and Paintbrush are among the many flowers I found. I also got a lot of Red Columbine, Lilacs, Sitka Valerian, and Orange Hawkweed.

This morning I hit up some garage sales and I will eventually show you my finds! I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. The flowers are lovely. Can't wait to see you garage sale finds.


  2. Ouuuuuu- I love your basket of wildflowers!!! Such gorgeous colors! I cant believe these grow wild eh?? Bike with a basket- I love it- you are right about the bee balm- I think you can make a real nice tea with it? That old brown bottle is awesome too- where did you find it? Is it a medicine bottle? Thanks for the nod on your blog- I am happy we have so much in common- it is inspiring : ) I Cant wait to see the garage sale treasures-

  3. Thanks Lisa!
    Natasha-I think you can make tea from the bee balm. I got the old brown bottle from an antique store in Kamloops for $1 a few years back. It used to be a medicine bottle. Haha, I wish we lived closer together. I think we would probably do lots of stuff together!


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