Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crafting!: What to do with old pallets

It's been quite the week! This weekend we've finally had some sunshine and it feels so good. The weekend so far has been filled with movie going and a party, a bouncy castle war, throwing a pie in my husband's face (the money was for a good cause), hula hooping, bike riding, a dip in the lake, a nighttime bonfire and marshmallow roasting, and painting pictures in the night air with sparklers. It's what I needed after the week I've had.

The other day, I packed home a shipping pallet in my car's trunk to make a fabulous project that I had seen on the internet. A rustic shelf for the living room. I don't remember where I saw the original image, but when I searched for it again, I found this website which contains instruction for making one. I basically just sawed off the end of the pallet and nailed some boards in the bottom to make the self bottom and then attached it to the wall. Simple, easy, and beautifully rustic.

And now here are some of the clothes I picked up at the clothing exchange.

I love my new secret agent trench coat.

The skirt and shirt I got at the clothing exchange. The shrug was a sweater pattern I was working on. It was a quick knit, only taking a couple of evenings to do. I added the lace around the sleeves and I quite like it. The pattern for the sweater is from 1912! How cool is that? If you're on ravelry, here is the link to the pattern. If not, here is the website it is published in.

The crows were having a secret conference on our fence one morning.
The chickens were too busy scratching for any secret conferences. The chicks are now 7 weeks old and looking so grown up. Some days I forget that I will one day get eggs from them. They are so much fun! this is the view from my bedroom window.
5am on my birthday, I awoke to the chickens making a big commotion. I looked out the window and saw a grey and tawny fox sitting there watching them. I opened the window and yelled at the fox and it took off running. I'm worried that it will be back. I know that the coop is quite fortified, so the chickens are safe, but I will be keeping them locked in their housing at nights now. So far the fox hasn't been back and I'm glad.


  1. Om my a fox?! You will have to watch those baby's The yellow shirt is the sweetest.

  2. I love your coop! All the flowers around and do you have beans there? and what a great idea for a shelf!!! cant wait to try one

  3. Thanks Comeca! And yes, I have had a close eye on them, but no more Mr. Fox hanging arund.
    Natasha- I've got marigolds and sunflowers, along with some tomatoes, beans, peas, and lettuce and some herbs planted around. It is my only garden that is really working out this year. It's been a pretty bad year for planting for me :(


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