Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Weekends

So, a few things have happened since I last posted here. I am once again an Aunt with my first niece! I'm very happy and glad things went well.
I also caught a fish big enough to eat, after 3 years of trying. I was in a lot of shock that I actually succeeded. I wasn't at all prepared. But we had a delicious "feast" from that fish the next night.
I went to Vanderhoof to pick up some more chicken feed (I love saying that! It makes me feel like a farmer) and I did some early birthday present shopping for myself from my husband, ha! I went to the antique store and got a few cool things! The first was a beautiful red kettle to sit in my kitchen. It was a little gunky inside after being used for years in hard water with minerals. So, I decided to try out a local solution and picked some horsetails from my alleyway.
Horsetails in this area were traditionally used as pot scrubbers and polishers, even as sandpaper. The cells of the plant contain silicon dioxide, making the plant rough. It worked like a charm! Much better results than with a plastic scrubber. Trivia: did you know that it is also called Devil's Guts? I guess it can take over pretty easily as a weed, earning it a nasty name.

Now it is spotless inside! I know you didn't see what it was like before, but it was pretty brown.
The shiny tea kettle in its new home.
A beautiful calendar for the kitchen!

It has pretty much rained non-stop these past few weeks here. I am so sick of it! But since it is going to rain, I might as well have a cute umbrella to use! Vintage plaid. I love it!
Of course, it probably won't rain now that I have a cute umbrella (that is what I am hoping anyway!)
Do you know what these are? These are vintage spools/bobbins. And once I have have my bunnies and am spinning their wool, I will use these to help me make 2 and 3 ply yarn!
Today, some friends and I hiked up Mount Pope. It is quite the trail. the first 30 minutes you curse the person who came up with the idea of hiking it, but after that you settle into the groove. It is about 13km return, and mostly uphill one way. It gives you a certain sense of accomplishment when you reach the top, but you still vow you won't do it again for another year. On the way down, we ran through the trails, singing songs from the Sound of Music. I can tell already that it is going to be very difficult to move tomorrow.

Just about to the top. Blue sky! What a sight for sore eyes!
A view of Pinche Lake
Fort St. James nestled below.

Battleship Island.
A group victory shot at the top. This Gondola was used to spot fires back in the day.
Well, the last time I was at the top, I couldn't see the view as we were above the clouds. It was very nice to see it all today. But I know my body will be paying for it tomorrow....


  1. How cool! I love your kettle and the tip on how to clean it naturally! What a view from that mountain too- is that the ocean then? or a lake? so pretty....your counters are holding up well with that rustoleum paint too- another great tip!

  2. Haha, still a lake, but a really big one. The rustoleum paint is holding up really well, besides a couple of chips that we made when we first started using the counters again. We should have waited even longer to let it cure!


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