Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Projects

What a busy weekend it has been! Filled with lots of projects, lots of fun, and even some sunshine (gasp!).Friday night started out with a clothing exchange and potluck with some great friends. I will later post some pictures of the fancy clothes I got!
The chickens are so much fun to watch, as usual. They have a new obsession: Dandelion greens. They gobble them up like nobody's business. They fight over them, push each other out of the way, and will jump quite high, just to get a bite of their new favourite treat. Naturally this has been cause for great entertainment for me.
Chamomile blooming around the chicken coop. At least all the rain we have been getting has meant that I haven't had to water my garden for a month...
I just love sunny marigolds!
I went into the woods and collected a number of fallen saplings and branches. I built an arbor, which should look really nice when the lilac bushes fill in and it is covered in vines. I also built a quilt ladder, which I will show you soon.
Sunday was a day to lay laminate flooring in the "ugly room" of our basement suite. It was a little stressful at first, but we soon got the hang of it. In the breaks while I waiting for laminate pieces to be cut, I worked on recovering one the of the chairs I got at that garage sale awhile ago. My husband wanted to know why I had brought such junky chairs home and I responded that they were free. He has been bugging me to throw them out for a few weeks now, so it was time I showed him their potential.
This is one of the chairs before:
And this is after I recovered it:
Oooh, brown corduroy seat with pink stripes. Even my husband admitted that I had proved him wrong. It's a nice little chair and I am sitting on it right now as I type this. Quite comfortable.
Well, that is about it for now. I almost need a weekend to recover from my weekend! But I love doing projects like these. Also, I am deep in a Harry Potter movie marathon. I want to watch then all over again before the new one comes to our theatre in town. I am about halfway through now. What did you do on your weekend?


  1. I love that chair.....very inspiring- I love free stuff that gets a new lease on life! Do you think that the eggs your chickens produce will have a dandelion flavour? That might be a fun thing to experiment with....

  2. They just might produce dandelion-flavoured eggs...I hear if you feed them onion and garlic that the eggs will take on those flavours. Maybe we'll have to see! Still quite a few more months until they lay eggs though.


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