Wednesday, August 17, 2011

29 Days of Rain

...In July alone. That means 2 days without rain. I think June was the same. We had about 5 or so good days in August, but that's it so far. It has been one failure of a summer. It makes me spitting mad. I'm going to have to go somewhere warm in the early Spring, just so I can make it through another Winter!
What has your summer been like? Unusually wet or unusually hot?
Well a lot has happened in that last few weeks since I have written. I did some crafts, I went on holidays to Haida Gwaii, and I got my first! (how pathetic!!!) harvest from my garden. The rain and cold has kept much from growing and I got such a late start. It is really upsetting, but next year I will do better. At least the little apples look promising.
Here's a project I did. I made a coat rack/hooks out of driftwood I found at the beach.

The driftwood hooks. It was supper easy! I just drilled little holes (to prevent the wood from splitting when I put the nails in) through them and put 2 nails in each hook. Done!
The first pathetic but delicious harvest: Lettuce, carrot thinnings, and a few peas.
The 3 ladies: Georgia Girl, Betty Bloomer, and Honeychile'.

Fly, Betty Bloomer, fly!
Boos continues to be the most precious, most rambunctious, most cuddly kitten ever. I just love her to pieces!
2 eagles on a totem pole in front of a long house in Haida Gwaii.
Did you go anywhere exciting for holidays this summer?

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