Friday, August 26, 2011

DIY: Groovy Scratching Post (or wallpaper saver)

Ok, remember all those home renos we did when we first moved in here? And how hard it was? Well, guess, who has been trying to "redecorate?"
She has her own vision for the place. And that spongy wainscotting wallpaper is just so much fun to climb! It was high time we got the holy terror a scratching post.
Except, you can't buy any in town. So we stopped in Vanderhoof, 40min away, and they would have to order one in, plus they cost upwards of $70. Sooo, it was time for a DIY project.
Actually, it couldn't have been any simpler or cheaper. I had the wood and carpet scraps already, so the only cost for me was the brackets which were 5 bucks for a box.
First, I screwed the 2x4 onto a square scrap of plywood.

Next, I headed to the former "ugly room" which resides in the basement suite. I remember seeing some really groovy carpet under the existing carpet in the closet, so I ripped that up. I cut a square to overlap the bottom board, cut a slit in the middle for the post to fit through, and then nailed the overlapping sides underneath the board. Then I cut a rectangle strip of carpet, wrapped it around the post and nailed it into place. Finally, I attached a felted ball with twine to the top of the post, to add more pizzaz. (Sorry, I didn't really take pictures of these steps. oops.)It was an instant hit! She went wild, trying to destroy it! I think what's left of the walls will be spared now.

Isn't that such groovy (read: ugly) carpet? I love it in all its gaudy glory!


  1. Doesn't that carpet remind you of the Brisebois house??!

  2. Chez nous? Yes! ahaha, with the mismatched wood panelled walls. Ahh, those were the days!


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