Thursday, September 8, 2011

DIY: Driftwood Towel Rack

My parents came up for a brief visit and we had a wonderful time rambling around the Fort. They also helped me with a few projects around the house, like installing roof ventilation and painting my main bathroom. Thanks guys!
Funny story intermission: While we were up on the roof, installing the ventilation, I let the chickens roam around the backyard. Well, I sort of forgot about them until I heard two little girls walking down the street and one of them said "Why are there chickens there?" I looked down and sure enough, the three ladies were scratching in my neighbours front yard! They had escaped! I ran down the ladder to herd them up, just as my Mom, who noticed them from the living room window came down to help. I caught the first two pretty easily. But Honeychile' gave us a run for our money! She started running towards the vicious dog while my mother chased frantically behind. Then she (the chicken not my mom) ran onto the road where we were sure she would be struck by a car, and then into the park where I ran after her, lunging and diving. I finally managed to leap and catch her and return her to safety, while my dad and husband laughed from the roof. I think this just cemented my mother's fear and hatred of birds. But all's well that ends well!
Anyways! After the bathroom was painted, I knew I didn't want to hang up the old towel rack. I have been planning for some time now to make my own out of found wood pieces. So this morning, I whipped together this little piece out of driftwood I collected from our beach walks. It was so simple and easy to do and took about half an hour tops!
The rod is attached by screws but then I wound some twine around it for a decorative look.
It is super sturdy and I think it looks great!
Check back later for some photos of the completed bathroom makeover!

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