Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spill the Beans Already!

Ok, here's the other reason why I have been so busy lately!
It's a very exciting time for us! And I've already been busy knitting and crocheting. Here is a baby blanket I made from the granny squares I started crocheting a year ago. I think it will look lovely in our future nursery!
I've also been busy trying to master the fine art of keeping food down. I hope the nausea will be gone by Christmas, like it is supposed to be, because words cannot express how much I am looking forward to that turkey dinner!
I think you can expect a lot more baby projects posted on here in the near future!


  1. Dear Nutbrown, I check your blog time to time as you inspire me and I share your love for animals. I wish I could raise chickens too. It is a wonderful news that you are expecting a baby of your own. From what I see on your blog that baby will be a lucky kid. Heartfelt congratulations!

  2. Oh Thank you so much! That is very kind of you!


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