Monday, February 13, 2012

DIY: Light Fixture

You know those glass, dish-like light fixtures that are pretty standard in this part of the world? You know the ones that collect lots of bugs and dust? Well one of those was in the baby's room and I decided to get something different.

At first, I wanted to find a big paper ball lantern to hang over the light and make it into a hot air balloon. I still really like that idea, but I struck out all over the place trying to find the materials. So, instead I bought 2, 12" brass rings from the dollar store. I cut a rectangle out of eyelet fabric that I had around, and hot glued a ring to each end of the rectangle. I glued up the seam, hung up the lamp shade, and voila! Nice and easy, DIY light fixture that looks so much prettier than dead bugs and dust.
Next to paint that room!

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