Friday, February 24, 2012

Dogsled Races!

The dogs are getting harnessed up!

They're off!

What a frigid, blustery day! The temperature isn't too low (-5c/+20f), but the wind is just whipping around and the snow is blowing! I packed my expanding pregnant body into long-johns and sweaters and zipped up my now tight fitting jacket over everything and headed down to the end of my street to the lake to witness the start of the stage race event.
And how exciting! You can't imagine the noise as 70 sled dogs eagerly wait their turn to be harnessed to the sled. They can hardly contain themselves and it takes a great deal of strength to hold them back until the start of the race. Once they are finally allowed to go, they zip by so fast and the noise, sled, dogs, and musher disappear into the horizon of the lake. They'll do 60 miles today, with the fastest ones making it back in about 3 hours, and continue the other two stages on Saturday and Sunday. The kids from the elementary school all showed up to cheer on their principal who is taking part in the stage race.
Tomorrow, we'll get to see some sprints!


  1. Wow! fantastic! showed Steve and he was well impressed, usually sneers at my blogging fixation! what a great sight it must be, more videos, please...!!

  2. Haha, glad he liked it! I will take more videos of the actual racing tomorrow!

  3. That's so cool, Kris! I wish I was there to see!


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