Monday, February 6, 2012

That Frozen Lake

This weekend was the first time that I finally ventured out onto the frozen lake since I have moved here. I tend to forget about it. But the rest of the town doesn't! The lake is covered in snow mobiles and dog sledders, ice fishers and skiiers. It is quite the busy place! So Saturday, in the warm sunshine we walked out a little ways and I got to see my first dog sleds in action! Sunday we got even more adventurous and strapped on our cross country skis and went on a 14km adventure to the T-caves! We were trying to make it to the islands, but it proved to be too far for me. The snow is deep on the ice, but near the T-caves, the wind has blown off the snow and you can see the clear ice below. It looks to be several feet thick. We had to take off our skis and walk over this part to the shore.
By the time we made it back home, I was pretty pooped and now I have blisters on my feet, but it was all worth it. What a neat Winter playground!
We skied on well-worn dog sled tracks and snow mobile tracks.
The bare ice near the T-caves. You can hear a deep rumbling as the ice cracks due to expansion. It sends terror through your heart if you don't know what it is. Watch this youtube video I found that records the noise. It sounds pretty quiet in that video, but when it is right under you it sends shivers through your spine.
Can you see the "T" shape in the rock face? Those are the T-caves. Bonus points if you can spot the mark of Zorro.

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  1. How adventurous! makes me feel a complete wuss about getting down our icy hill! jennyx


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