Monday, March 5, 2012

Changes to the Farm

Well it is with a little bit of sadness, but mostly great relief, that I sold my bunnies this morning. I recently decided that the work and care the bunnies required was too much for me, so I posted an add for them and had many responses within an hour! It took a few weeks to arrange a pickup, but I left them with their new owners this morning. I think they will have a good home and will hopefully get the attention they need.
It has been quite the learning experience with the bunnies. I found them to have much higher needs than the chickens. They require lots of grooming to keep their wool in good order and I always struggled to find the time to do that. I also didn't bond with the bunnies the same way I did with my other animals. I wonder if that had to do with timing? When I got them, I had just found out I was pregnant.
Another factor that made it hard to care for the bunnies was the smell. Having a buck means having extremely smelly urine. I can't count the number of times I gagged and threw-up when cleaning them out or feeding them. I guess having morning sickness and a heightened sense of smell didn't help out.
Oh well, lesson learned! I am sad that I didn't really get a wool harvest from them, but at the same time it is a great relief to have that daily chore removed.

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