Sunday, March 11, 2012


My lovely chicken calendar!
Signs of Spring!!!!

Two ladies, out for a stroll, gossiping about the goings-on of the backyard farm, bragging about their egg production.
This is the change pad for baby Nutbrown.

The apple prunings have been brought inside so they will leaf out.
Boos loves to climb the fireplace to get her treat!

I can't believe it is nearly half-way through March! Time sure flies by fast! I only have a couple weeks left in my second trimester as well.
Spring feels like it is slow in coming, but it is still faster than last year. Our daytime highs are around 5c, which means we are getting some melting, but it's just not fast enough for my tastes!
Yesterday I was out in the yard, hauling bunny manure to the back garden (at least on top of the several feet of snow above the back garden), pruning the old apple tree, and weeding the garden by the house where the earth is exposed and no longer frozen. As I was weeding, I discovered a shoot, hunching just at the surface, eagerly awaiting Spring. A sight like that gives you hope that Winter is over and fills you with a smile down to your toes! And it is a good thing Winter is going to be over soon, because I have retired my Winter coat, it being too tight around the middle now.
The chickens are out frolicking in their coop, as they have been all Winter. Nothing seems to phase them! But they will be glad when the grass starts growing for them to munch on.
Lately I sewed a travel change pad for baby Nutbrown. I found the pattern at Made by Marzipan where there is fabulous instructions and a great video tutorial. My mat looks very rough in comparison, but it is functional and I am not a perfectionist, so it will stay the way it is! I had a really hard time edge stitching around the vinyl as it sticks to the sewing machine. I ended up having to put tissue paper over the vinyl just so I could sew it, and then rip the tissue paper off after.
I've started (and am almost finished) knitting a little Cowichan sweater for baby with the leftover yarn from the sweater I knit for my sister. I'll post pictures when I am done. I am also just about finished sewing a maternity dress for myself. I am in a very frustrating stage where no clothes fit! My maternity pants that I bought in the beginning seem to be too big and constantly fall down and my pre-maternity pants also fall down, even with belly bands. It's lose lose. I am bound for a shopping trip when I go to Kelowna in a couple of weeks!
That is about all for now! What is your Spring like? Are you fortunate enough to live in a place where it has been Spring for months (or never Winter!)? Or are you just getting it now?

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