Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weaving a Baby Bassinet

I don't know which of the ladies at craft night suggested it, but they put a bee in my bonnet. "Maybe you should make a bassinet for the baby." Well, I couldn't let the idea go. So I went willow cutting and got started. Cutting willows in crotch-deep snow isn't so easy. You get wet and frozen and out of breath pretty quick slogging through that snow. But after a lot of cutting, bending, and weaving, I finished the base and then the sides of the bassinet. Tonight I sewed a linen lining for the bassinet and then I will weave a sun shade for the top. I'm thinking of putting a lambskin in the bottom for comfort. Stay tuned for the finished product!


  1. Wow!! Amazing! It looks sooo good!

  2. Oh. My. God.
    This is awesome!
    I won't lie, I kinda want to have a baby just to be able to make this!

  3. Any decorative bows, sashes and skirts should be well out of your baby's reach. Bassinets are designed for babies three months old and younger. Once your baby starts kicking and wiggling, you'll want to move her to a crib to keep her from tipping her bassinet over.


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